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Penang Cultural Links

Tourism Penang: www.tourismpenang.gov.my

This is the official Tourism Penang website that is up-to-date and informative. Although targeted at foreign and domestic tourists, the approach taken by Tourism Penang to attract interest in George Town and the rest of the island sets it apart from other similar websites. Instead of a virtual travelogue, what you get are eloquent stories, exciting photographs and colourful layout which breathe new life into Penang tourism.

Visit Penang: www.visitpenang.gov.my

The Penang state government tourism website with weekly updates on arts, culture and tourism events. It has a hotel directory, a food column, video clips and a searchable archive.

i-George Town: www.igeorgetownpenang.com

A content-rich website which is regularly updated with feature stories on the culture, heritage and food of George Town and Penang, with a focus on the World Heritage Site. It has a searchable archive.
iGT videos offers a selection of video clips.
iGT connect is an e-newsletter sent out twice a month iGeorgeTown NetBuzz offers links to items on culture and heritage, about George Town and Penang in particular, and Malaysia in general, that are published on the Internet. It is updated daily.

State Chinese Penang Association: http://www.peranakannetworks.com/blog/
Originally called the Straits Chinese Penang Association, the SCPA is an organisation for Penang's peranakan community, also called Baba Nyonya.
The womenfolk wear the elegant kebaya costumes and cook delectable Nyonya cuisine. Members speak Penang Hokkien patois, sing keroncong and celebrate Chap Goh Meh annually with Dondang Sayang at the Esplanade.
The Peranakan Networks website carries news.

Peranakan Networks: http://www.peranakannetworks.com

A blog offering a platform of communication between the various Peranakan associations in Malaysia, South Thailand and West Indonesia and also for those interested in Peranakan culture.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion: http://www.pinangperanakanmansion.com.my/

A private museum of Baba Nyonya heritage housed in the former townhouse of the Kapitan Cina of Perak and Hai San leader Chung Keng Kooi. A virtual tour can be viewed at Tourism Penang website.

Clove Hall: http://www.clovehall.com

A new colonial-style boutique hotel in Penang, with 5 suites set in a garden.

Penang Museum & Art Gallery: http://www.penangmuseum.com

Penang Story: http://www.penangstory.net.my/

A valuable collection of papers (which can be downloaded) by scholars of things Penang, from a conference convened by Khoo Salma in 2002.

Malaysia My Second Home: http://www.mynexthome.com.my

Malaysia My Second Home Programme is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow people from all over the world who fulfil certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa.

Khoo Kongsi: http://www.khookongsi.com.my/

A booklet on Southeast Asia's most majestic clan temple has been scanned and pasted on the website. There are however two later and more comprehensive pictorial works on the Khoo Kongsi.

Penang Botanic Gardens: http://jkb.penang.gov.my/

A historical garden established in 1884 and curated by many famous botanists through its history, it excels in its natural setting hugging the valley of the great Waterfall.

AsiaExplorers: http://www.asiaexplorers.com/

AsiaExplorers is a web-based traveller's group. The founder Timothy Tye, who operates from Penang, is an excellent photographer. He has put up photo galleries on a number of eco-tourism and cultural tourism sites.

Anak-Anak Kota (Children of the City): www.arts-ed-penang.org

A wonderful heritage education project, run by artists-educators from the local university. The project targets children, aged 10-16 from diverse communities and schools within the inner city of George Town Penang, and attempts to empower these young people to explore and understand how their identity is rooted in their heritage.

Penang File: http://thepenangfile.bravehost.com/

A little-known but quite worthwhile e-magazine edited by Lim Kean Chye, which contains gems of info about the Baba Nyonya and much more.

Penang Heritage Trust: www.pht.org.my

The Penang Heritage Trust is Penang's civic organisation established to promote Penang's heritage. It organises regular activities and visits to heritage sites and buildings.

Heritage Trails of George Town conducted by the Penang Heritage Trust www.journeymalaysia.com/islandpenangheritagewalk.htm

Read about the trail here, but contact the Penang Heritage Trust directly at phtrust@streamyx.com to book this guided walking tour.

American Express Penang Heritage Trail

The Tourism Penang website has the heritage trail online. Existing heritage signboards supplement this do-it-yourself walking tour.

Koay Jetty: http://koayjetty.tripod.com/

The Koays are descendants of Muslim Hui minority from China, who have since assimilated with local non-Muslim Chinese society. They were boatmen and charcoal traders living in a water village and timber jetty built on stilts over mangrove. This mangrove area was the nesting place of protected bird species, before it was destroyed in 2004 despite efforts by the "Support Preservation Koay Jetty and Mangrove Action Group". The Koay Jetty itself is currently endangered. Website by Clement Liang.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion: www.cheongfatttzemansion.com

Homepage of the historic mansion, winner of UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award 2000, now a boutique hotel. Cheong Fatt Tze was the most prominent Overseas Chinese mandarin, capitalist and industrialist of his time. Guided tours are available at 11am and 3pm daily.

Tropical Spice Garden: http://tropicalspicegarden.com/

An exquisite and educational landscaped garden located in Batu Feringgi, promoting Asian spices and botanics.


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Lebuh Armenian & Lebuh Aceh (LA-LA)

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s
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Streets of George Town, Penang
Khoo Su Nin
Fourth edition, more than 15,000 copies sold!

Penang: Through Gilded Doors
Julia de Bierre & James Bain Smith

Penang Postcards Collection:
Khoo Salma Nasution
& Malcolm Wade

Penang Trams, Trolleybuses & Railways: Municipal Transport History 1880s-1963
Ric Francis & Colin Ganley

Days Gone By: Growing Up in Penang
Christine Wu Ramsay

The Chinese in Penang:
A Pictorial History

Tan Kim Hong

Road To Dawn: Filming in Penang
Goh Mai Loon
& Khoo Salma Nasution
PLUS Road To Dawn: Movie DVD

Helen Ong's Great Dining
in Penang
Helen Ong

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