L E S T A R I   H E R I T A G E  N E T W O R K  




Incorporating the Asia & West Pacific Network
for Urban Conservation (AWPNUC)

'Lestari' is an Indonesian/Malay word denoting 'to continue, preserve and revitalize'. Established in 2004, Lestari Heritage Network continues the work of the Asia & West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation (AWPNUC).

We promote
Heritage as community resources.
Historic areas as arenas for cultural and civic life.
Trans-local, inter-cultural shared heritage.
The importance of local knowledge, folklore and social memory.
Cultural approaches to environment, ethics and peace.

What we can do
• Support local initiatives by providing networking opportunities
and links with international expertise.
• Organise exchange programmes for people in the fields of culture,
heritage and environment.
Lestari Activities - Asian Triangle Cities Project: Diversity & Dynamism
in Urban Conservation

Activities Archive
• Asian Triangle Cities Project, Jan 2006
Penang Global Ethics Project, Feb-Mar 2006
Bibik Hitam, July-October 2006
Little Penang Street Market, from July 2006
Tribute to Cikgu Bahroodin, March 2007

We operate from the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, a traditional house museum based at 120 Armenian Street, Penang, Malaysia.

For more information, contact

Khoo Salma Nasution
120 Armenian Street
10200 Penang
Ph. +60 4 2620123
Email: info@lestariheritage.net

Aceh, Indonesia

Nara, Japan

Kerala, India

Lahore, Pakistan

Perak, Malaysia
Perak Heritage Society

Phuket, Thailand

Penang, Malaysia

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Penang Cultural Links

Little Penang Street Market

Dr. Sun Yat Sen
Penang Base

Sculpture Island:
Penang Earth Project

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Penang Global Ethic Project

Horas Mandailing

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