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Chiniot Research Project

Chiniot, Tazias collecting in Maidan Tirkhana, 25th March 2002 (10 th Muharram). Tazias representing the tomb and celestial palace of Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Hussein are brought out in procession to mourn the martyrdom of Hussein.

Lattice-design by Sultan Mahmud. Note on top: ‘This pinjra [net] was invented anew by Sultan Mahmood alias Saharan. Drawn on Wednesday at Zuhur 1336 Hijri holy exhalted [1917 -18 AD] the 2nd of Pihagni [i.e. of the Indian calendar].

Chiniot Craftsman's drawing. Top: ‘Proposal Janab Financial Commissioner Sahib Bahadur Lahore clerk.’ ‘R[s]. 425/0/0.’ Below: ‘Screen i.e. Parda with five bays whose height is 6 ¾ feet and width 9 feet. Mian Mohammad Hussein [1845 - 1935] & Sultan Mahmud Mistri Sahran Parda Makers Chiniot Mohallah Aali.’

Court of Shamsdin Chakanwalla House, December 2003.

Woodwork from old Chiniot houses, 2003.


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