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Hitori Nakayama

Hitori has named his method of creating art as "Non Technical Work".

He creates works that do not depend on technique. He believes the meaning of creating art works is to find out the vision of the future. It is the continuous self-questioning whether life is worth living, which is done during the process of creating art work and presenting it.

His desire is to define the prospect of life in the future. He stated that the value of art is in the creation of new and different interpretations of nature and thought.

In other words, art is the acceptance of differences, and if a viewer finds that it is difficult to accept an artwork, it is this particular work that serves to open one's mind.

Katsusmi Mukai

Wood artist Katsusmi Mukai visited Penang for two months to create a towering outdoor sculpture for the Komtar landscape. He volunteered to work in Penang to support his long-time friend, Nakayama, who dreams of turning the "Pearl of the Orient" into a unique island of sculptures.

During the two months, Penang residents were not only welcomed to watch the sculptor work at the foot of the Komtar, but they were also invited to participate in helping Mukai to sculpt the wood.

This public participatory process has been a key to Mukai's art. Penang Development Corporation Setia Urus Sdn Bhd has become the first company to support the Sculpture Island Project by providing, among others, a site to place Mukai's sculpture.

Famous for his work for the past quarter of a century, Mukai's works could be found in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, and the United States.








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